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Paws of Enchantment of Washington DC is a holistic pet grooming spa, offering a wide variety of pet grooming services, including natural luxury shampoos, energetic healing services, REKI, paw massages and foot soaks, coat restoration and premium holistic packages for your dog.

COVID Protocol for grooming

For the safety of you, your pets, and me and my pets, if you want to receive services, please observe the following:

1.Sanitation Surcharge: Due to the increased cost and measures I need to put in place to comply with local regulations and for the safety of all, I am imposing a $10 sanitation fee to cover my time and supplies.

2. Drop Off/Pick Up: To minimize face-to-face contact and any risk of handling, and to keep your dog safe, I have set up two layers of gating. When you arrive please text or call first. After we establish communication, you will be asked to please enter the first gate with your dog and close it behind you. It is critical to close the gate to keep your dog safe. Place your dog into either the provided playpen (small dogs) or into the crate (medium to larger dogs... Read More