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Paws of Enchantment of Washington DC is a holistic pet grooming spa, offering a wide variety of pet grooming services, including natural luxury shampoos, energetic healing services, REKI, paw massages and foot soaks, coat restoration and premium holistic packages for your dog.

Restoration of coat

This program is designed for certain dogs (primarily hard-coated terriers, but can be applied to spaniels, double-coated, and other breeds as well) whose coat color and/or texture has been altered due to having been clipped with a short blade, or whose coat has become profuse or wooly due to the hormone changes brought on by spaying/neutering. Coat restoration especially applies to wire-coated breeds that would normally be hand-stripped (or partially stripped).

When restoring a coat, we carefully card undercoat and bathe your dog before clipping (IF clipping is desired). The coat is then either neatened, trimmed or clipped with a blade that is long enough not to cut into the remaining undercoat. Please note that clipping directly into the undercoat disturbs the coat’s natural growth, c... Read More