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Paws of Enchantment of Washington DC is a holistic pet grooming spa, offering a wide variety of pet grooming services, including natural luxury shampoos, energetic healing services, REKI, paw massages and foot soaks, coat restoration and premium holistic packages for your dog.


High-quality Young Living Essential Oils are diffused in the grooming area to help calm anxious pets.

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An Overview of our Washington DC area Pet Grooming Services

Whether you chose basic grooming or upgrade to a luxury spa treatment like a mud bath or full-service Reiki treatment, you pet will be treated as a loved and respected friend at Paws of Enchantment. We use top-quality shampoos, conditioners and essential oils... and provide that little bit of 'magic' that just can't be put into words!

In addition to our grooming services we also offer Animal Communication and Reiki services. Please email for more information.

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Hand Stripping

We recommend hand stripping or a combination method (of hand stripping, carding, and clipping) on the broken-coated terriers and other broken or combination-coated breeds (ie Setters, Spaniels). Hand stripping retains proper coat texture and color; clipping a 'wiry' coat will dilute the color, soften the texture, and cause the coat to be prone to matting (because of the new 'soft' texture).

With hand stripping, results can vary at different times of the year, depending on the stage the dog's coat is in. Dogs can either be maintained at three to six week intervals (for optimal coat growth), or every three months or so. Many owners prefer to have the 'blown' coat stripped off just one to two times a year. Hand stripping is extremely labor intensive and, therefore, more expensive, but has ... Read More


Natural Luxury Shampoos and Crystal Elixirs

We use all natural products, such as Espana Silk and Les Pooches. Shampoos infused with therapeutic grade essential oils and crystal elixirs available. Note: crystal elixirs and infused shampoos work on a vibrational basis, woking with your pet's energetic field to help support healing and positive change. Ask about our Grounding blend (supports anxious pets), our Heart and Soul blend (supports the heart chakra and the 'love' vibration) and the Expression blend (supports the threat chakra and self expression; good for those dogs who bark too much (over-express) or are shy/reclusive and hold their feelings in (under-express). Custom made take home sprays available, but as these are hand crafted, they will take approximately one week to prepare.



An intense de-shedding/undercoat removal for all of the 'shedding' breeds, carding not only results in a neat, tailored appearance, but greatly reduces shedding for up to four to six weeks. For unusually heavy shedders, we recommend discussing your pet's diet and would be happy to recommend natural skin and coat supplements.

Price depends on coat. Add $20/15 minutes, $35/half hour for carding


COVID Protocol for grooming

For the safety of you, your pets, and me and my pets, if you want to receive services, please observe the following:

1.Sanitation Surcharge: Due to the increased cost and measures I need to put in place to comply with local regulations and for the safety of all, I am imposing a $10 sanitation fee to cover my time and supplies.

2. Drop Off/Pick Up: To minimize face-to-face contact and any risk of handling, and to keep your dog safe, I have set up two layers of gating. When you arrive please text or call first. After we establish communication, you will be asked to please enter the first gate with your dog and close it behind you. It is critical to close the gate to keep your dog safe. Place your dog into either the provided playpen (small dogs) or into the crate (medium to larger dogs... Read More


Dog Grooming-General

All grooming sessions include a massaging bath and conditioning treatment, fluff-drying, nail trim, ear cleaning (plucking, if necessary) and a finishing spray. We do not express anal glands, as this is a medical procedure that should be performed by your vet. We love bows and are happy to decorate your pet!

For haircuts and hand stripping, prices may vary according to the length and the condition of the coat. We do not, therefore, have set prices based on breed only. Dematting, removal of excessive undercoat, and pattern-setting on dogs who have lost their 'shape' (due to more than eight weeks between grooming sessions) require extra time and will be charged accordingly. ... Read More


Paw Massage and Foot Soaks

White tea tree oil and lavender fizzy foot soak paired with lavender crystal chips in a pedicure tub filled with Reiki-infused water.

Great for paw-biters, and those with itchy or yeasty feet. Also great for dogs who hike or walk a lot on pavement.

Paw massage included. Great feedback on this treatment!

Add $10.00


Facial Treatments For Dogs

Deluxe facial treatment for your best friend! Perfect for breeds prone to tearing (Maltese, Yorkie, Shih-Tzu, etc), as well as those with heavy ''beards'' which can catch debris (Bouviers, Wheaten, etc).

Our blueberry-vanilla scented facial treatment provides a deep cleansing and exfoliating treament delivered through a tearless, gentle shampooing product.


Premium Holistic Packages

Premium Holistic Grooming services are highly recommended for all pets but especially for senior pets, nervous pets and pet experiencing non-contagious health challenges. Paws of Enchantment reserves the right to exclusively recommend these services to senior and other pets who require extra care while in our care.

Your pet will arrive and be treated to a full Reiki session (up to thirty minutes as guided by the animal) that may involve crystal or other energy healing, or an essential oil treatment called 'Raindrop Technique': an immune boosting combination of specific essential oil applications and light massage techniques.

Reiki/Essential oil treatments are available at an additional:
$60: Reiki: half hour/maintenance
$75 Raindrop aromatherapy treatment

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Restoration of coat

This program is designed for certain dogs (primarily hard-coated terriers, but can be applied to spaniels, double-coated, and other breeds as well) whose coat color and/or texture has been altered due to having been clipped with a short blade, or whose coat has become profuse or wooly due to the hormone changes brought on by spaying/neutering. Coat restoration especially applies to wire-coated breeds that would normally be hand-stripped (or partially stripped).

When restoring a coat, we carefully card undercoat and bathe your dog before clipping (IF clipping is desired). The coat is then either neatened, trimmed or clipped with a blade that is long enough not to cut into the remaining undercoat. Please note that clipping directly into the undercoat disturbs the coat’s natural growth, c... Read More