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Some of our enchanted clients over the years...

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Adorable ZsaZsa the Yorkie

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Paws of Enchantment


Bodhi the Portugese Water Dog

Bodhi, a parti-colored Portugese Water Dog, sporting a very short version of the Retriever Clip. Portugese Water Dogs are traditionally maintained either in the Retriever or Lion Clip


Bouvier Power!

Riggo is a handsome and active guy who always likes to shake the frog toy when he comes to Paws!


Bruno the Schnauzer

Bruno posing with our ''Guard Dog'', Magda


CeCe: Favorite Dog on the Block

Cece, a terrier mix, absolutely commands center-stage wherever she goes! The five-year old mixed breed is a rescue dog from Indianapolis and radiates joy and energy with every move.

Owned by Stacy Murphy and family, Cece is a resident of Columbia Heights, DC. She runs three miles a week with her "Dad", and is reported to be the favorite dog on the block, which is not hard to imagine-- just look at that smile!


Chinese Crested (Powder Puff)

Puff Daddy rocks! Following is a short bio, provided by his proud (and lovely) owner:

'Puff Daddy first and foremost is an affectionate lap dog. He is extremely agile and, in spurts, and highly energetic; he out-runs dogs 5 times his size. He sometimes feels that his primary concern is to please me (his person) and does he ever. He is polite (usually waits for an invite before flying to my lap and sits at the slightest hint that a treat might be offered). Even at 13 lbs. he is a great guard dog and never fails to successfully chase away the mailman. His favorite activity is our twice daily outings to the Congressional Cemetery in Washington, DC, where he socializes with hundreds of dogs of all breeds (and non-breeds) and sizes.'


Chloe, AKA, ''The Princess''

Chloe the Shih-Tzu has been coming to see me every two weeks for the past for the past... many, many years! She has a rather large following of secret admirers, including, but by no means limited to ''Teddy Bear'' Thornton, another Shih Tzu, who recently recognized her during a chance meeting in the lobby of Friendship Animal Hospital. Their eyes met across the room and it was... well, magic, as they say. For him, anyhow.

At Paws Chloe always reclines on her favorite pillow and when she wants something makes her wishes be known by aiming an intense stare at the person she would like something from. If she happens to want a treat, the stare has, as of late, become accompanied by a low ''wuff''.

In this picture she is yawning... oh the life of a Princess!


Coco the Shih Tzu

Coco the Shih-Tzu gazes through the panes of the French doors, hoping his buddy Raja will come over and play with him.


Comfort at the spa...

Sultana Ma'rou relaxes while she waits for her spa treatments... and oversees the rest of the ''clients''!


Ellie the Scottie

Ellie the Scottish Terrier


Jake and Max

Jake and Max are Yorkies with personality. Jake, in fact, has ''extra'' personality: though he is completely settled once his human ''mom'' drops him off, the display that he puts on during the dropping off period is melodrama extraordinaire. He becomes the incredible clinging Yorkie. It doesn't take him long to settle in, however, and we always have a lot of fun with Jake (big one) and Max (the little one) when they come to see us. It is always a real treat to see their human family, too!


Kennedy Coco Puff

Kennedy Coco Puff is a Shih Tzu with an energy level that is nothing short of amazing. Do not be fooled by her calm and cool demeanor in this photo: it is an act! She is just waiting to get started up again! Kennedy is the ''best buddy'' of my Saluki pup, Raja, and when Kennedy is here this odd couple can be seen racing and tumbling around the shop for hours on end. Raja, the bigger of the two, eventually puts himself in ''time out'' and retreats for a nap... the whole time during which Kennedy waits, with not a whole lot of patience, for him to wake up so that the fun can begin again!
We do promise an ''action shot'' soon! When Kenndy come to Paws, it is sheer entertainment all day long!


Kiri and Baxter

Kiri and Baxter, a pair of Lakeland Terriers, provide plenty of entertainment when they come to Paws of Enchantment. As is typical of terrier pair, Kiri bosses Baxter around (in fact the missing hair from the side of his face has everything to do with the fact that she grabs onto his face hair and pulls it out!)

More information on Lakeland Terriers to follow...


Lensie the Yorkie Poo

Lensie the Yorkie Poo feeling stylish after her spa treatment


Melia the Lovely

Melia is a lovely, sweet and beautiful Pekingnese/Shih-Tzu cross who was adopted from the Washington Animal Rescue League. A delight to work on and simply to have around, we feel very lucky to have her as a client of Paws of Enchantment!


Millie the Pomeranian

Millie the Pomeranian is one of the many cute faces and friendly we get to see here at Paws of Enchantment. A day with Millie is always a good day. This is actually Millie's ''before'' picture, but we think she's cute either way!


Moxie the Old English Sheepdog

Moxie is one of our classic favorites at Paws of Enchantment. Full of distinct personality, she often ''refuses'' to leave and plants herself on the floor like a paperweight when it's time to go home. She has also been known to lock us out of the grooming area by jumping on the door and turning the lock with her paw, so always best to have the screwdriver (or a butterknife) on hand when she's in town.

We have known this lovable girl since she was small enough to pick up and carry!


Mr Christian

For more information on the Portugese Water Dog, please visit:

Portugese Water Dog Club of America



Pretzel the Schnauzer