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Inter-soul communication with your animal companions and guides. Specializing in health and wellness, forging the human/animal bond, and in spiritual messages from those who have crossed over. All of our sessions are done via distance as animals are more comfortable in their own environment and there is less "interference" and chance of the animal being distracted. The information shared with Cassandra by an animal with a distance session will be more detailed than if done in person. This also allows the possibility of helping animals all over the world.

Testimonials: It was a great experience that I look forward to repeating

Cassandra did a lovely communication for me which really resonated in so many ways. It will help to enrich the relationship between me and my dog Lailah.

I now have a deeper understanding of what our time together will bring both of us. There were many personal insights on why she is in my life now and many wonderful future possibilities to come.

I received even more information than I expected, it was a great experience that I look forward to repeating.


Testimonials: This is something dog parents want to know

Cassandra, I wanted to thank you for your reading with Fred. It was a wonderful experience because it gave me a lot of insight into him – whether just sharing information that was right on the mark (the lemons, yard fear, purpose to make me laugh, or providing context to behavior I didn’t fully understand.

It was interesting because you shared that he was having some physical issues and sure enough a few days later he did develop an abscess. I was concerned because there was no indication that was going on – the vet said they come up very fast. But it taught me to trust my instincts. I had started to treat the symptoms I saw – it just was not enough in this case. He was treated by the vet and is 100% again.

It shows that even if they are not doing something overt – we do see the... Read More