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Immune support for canine flu season

Sept 16, 2013

Hi all! Finally, my first blog post. well, actually, this is a copy of the email that I sent out today, but for those of you who are not on my list, you may not have seen this.

As many of you may have heard (or experienced), there is a new strain of canine influenza going around the MD/VA/DC addition to another virus spreading around the country. In times like this, the best thing to do is not to panic, but be prepared...and the best way to be prepared is to build your dog's immune system. Nothing can beat this.

Some of the things that I do include preparing a bone broth that I use as a daily 'gravy' over my dogs' raw food. If you are feeding kibble, you would want to soak the kibble until it already expanded, so that the broth doesn't expand it in the dog's stomach and cause potential problems with bloating (we do recommend feeding raw). I do this at least 3-4 times a week, and more during 'cold' season. To prepare bone broth is simple: I throw a few duck feet or chicken necks into a crock pot, add water, and sometimes a little kombu (seaweed), and turn it on low for 12-48 hours. Voila-- chicken soup for the dog!

Another way to build immune system is to supplement with Vitamin C...especially during times of stress. I recommend Ester C by Wholistic Pet.

Diffusing essential oils is another way to keep you and your pet's environment free from harmful pathogens; these days, we are diffusing such bacteria/virus killing oils as Rosemary, Purification, Thieves, Clove and Lemon in the grooming area. I use Young Living essential oils...they are the best. I use them on your pets and mine, on myself, and these are the only oils I would recommend for therapeutic use. More info on the oils and diffusers can be found here:

On the subject of essential oils, the Raindrop Technique-- a process in which a series of immune-supporting essential oils are dripped down the dog's back and 'feathered' (lightly massaged in with the backs of the fingernails) into the fur-- is highly recommended for immune support. If you can have this done monthly, this is optimal. Dogs with health issues can have this more often (ie, weekly). We are now offering this as a service at or email for more information.

Another thing you can do for your dog is, after or when anticipating exposure to other dogs (dog park/vet/groomer/dog show/anywhere where you will encounter other d... Read More

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Talia's Healing Garden

Talia's Healing Garden

Dear Friends,

Spring is almost here and it will be a very welcome change from what seemed to be an extra harsh winter, on many levels. I have heard of many losses from clients, friends, and people all over and, as many of you know,I myself have recently sustained the loss, from her physical body, of Paws of Enchantment's beautiful and gentle ''Supermodel'', Talia. For those of you who followed her journey via her Facebook page (Talia's Healing Journey), I cannot thank you enough for your beautiful presence there. The month of February, ''Love Month'', commemorated this sweet Being , and through PAWS, she was able to share rose quartz bath sachets with our human clients, and toys with our dog clients. Also in her honor, rose quartz-- the healing stone of compassionate love-- has been placed at various places around PAWS, including in the bathtub, and our shampoos are now infused with rose quartz elixir. This way all who enter our doors will be ''bathed in the sweet light of love'' which is the essence of this Great One.

Talia was many things for me but also many things for PAWS and, through PAWS, for the world. She and her family were my inspiration for creating Paws of Enchantment, and guide me on its evolution. Talia was, and continues to be, my teacher and dance partner on a journey through the the world of vibrational healing...flower essences, homeopathy, essential oils, Reiki, crystals. She is the reason we have been slowly incorporating a wellness room into PAWS...the room which houses our dental clinics, animal communication sessions, aromatherapy, Reiki, massage and chiropractic clinics. Services which helped Talia greatly in her life on earth and which can benefit others. Talia's message for the world was about putting love and care into everything one does...both consciously and unconsciously. Compassionate and healing love on the level of the soul. It is our great and meaningful honor to carry on in her her Way.

We therefore feel very blessed to re-name the wellness room at PAWS as Talia's Healing Garden, and that all who enter that space, as well as all who enter the grooming spa, may be touched by her light.

Talia's brother, Tammuz, continues to grace the grooming area with his calming presence (He is the big guy that lays in his bed all day).

Thank you all for being a part of our world. We wish you all long life and health.

Cassandra and Talia

**For those who have suffered the loss of a beloved animal fri... Read More

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About Paws of Enchantment   Aromatherapy   Dog Grooming   Grooming Services Overview   Hand Stripping   Luxury Shampoos   Our Pet Grooming Products   Our Philosophy   Our Policies   Owner Participation   Paw Massage - Foot Soaks   Pet Facial Treatments   Pet Grooming Services   Premium Holistic Packages   REIKI - Energy Healing   Restoration of Coat   

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Paws Of Enchantment, By Cassandra
Paws of Enchantment, By Cassandra

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