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Restoration of coat

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This program is designed for certain dogs (primarily hard-coated terriers, but can be applied to spaniels, double-coated, and other breeds as well) whose coat color and/or texture has been altered due to having been clipped with a short blade, or whose coat has become profuse or wooly due to the hormone changes brought on by spaying/neutering. Coat restoration especially applies to wire-coated breeds that would normally be hand-stripped (or partially stripped).

When restoring a coat, we carefully card undercoat and bathe your dog before clipping (IF clipping is desired). The coat is then either neatened, trimmed or clipped with a blade that is long enough not to cut into the remaining undercoat. Please note that clipping directly into the undercoat disturbs the coat’s natural growth, causing a soft, often more profuse coat to grow in. (For those who opt to shave their Goldens or double-coated breeds in the summer, this often means a coat which will, ultimately, shed more).

Expected results: restored brightness of coat color and improvement in (breed/coat-type appropriate) texture

Results can vary depending on a number of factors: the degree of prior coat damage; color and natural texture of the dog’s coat; and health problems that may affect the coat (ie, Hypothyroidism, certain allergies and skin conditions, Cushing’s Disease, and so on). A coat that continues to remain sparse and dry or exceedingly profuse and soft may indicate an underlying medical condition requiring a visit to your veterinarian.

Increased benefits: your dog looks great between groomings, sheds less, and 'mats' less.

Requires frequent (four-six week), successive appointments and greatly benefits from home-care.