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Hand Stripping

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We recommend hand stripping or a combination method (of hand stripping, carding, and clipping) on the broken-coated terriers and other broken or combination-coated breeds (ie Setters, Spaniels). Hand stripping retains proper coat texture and color; clipping a 'wiry' coat will dilute the color, soften the texture, and cause the coat to be prone to matting (because of the new 'soft' texture).

With hand stripping, results can vary at different times of the year, depending on the stage the dog's coat is in. Dogs can either be maintained at three to six week intervals (for optimal coat growth), or every three months or so. Many owners prefer to have the 'blown' coat stripped off just one to two times a year. Hand stripping is extremely labor intensive and, therefore, more expensive, but has benefits not only in maintaining the proper breed 'look' for your dog, but also for your dog's skin and coat.

$80 per hour or stripping. Bath is included.