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Cassandra worked remotely with my Yorkshire terrier, Scooter, when he was suffering from pancreatitis. We were in Vermont and Cassandra checked in with Scooter from 500 miles away. She sensed his physical pain and described it in terms of colors that Scooter had expressed to her. She also gave me some key words to communicate his 'thoughts' and 'emotions' She suggested some visualizations for me to use on his behalf that might help relieve his extreme discomfort and pain. After she conducted healing sessions with him several days in a row, Scooter finally turned a corner and recovered, We were so relieved that we had been given these tools from Cassandra to help us through the roughest hours.

Over the years, Scooter and his litter mate, Smarty, now 13 years old, have both been the recipients of Cassandra'a Reiki sessions. There is so much to be said for treating these precious animal spirits with not only the pampering of an expert grooming, but also with the grooming of their 'within.' I have known Cassandra for 25 years and from Day One, I knew she could communicate with these creatures in ways that would benefit them--- and us all.'
Nancy Dudley