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Paws of Enchantment only uses the finest-quality products on our clients. Our house favorite is Espana Silk for Dog; their predated can be viewed at the following link:
Espaņa Silk for Dogs.

For dogs wishing to have an added touch of glamour and bounce, there is the Les Poochs line of shampoos and conditioners. Formulated in Paris, these Panthenol and Vitamin-B enriched shampoos provide a rich, spa experience for the dog... and the scents of these products are truly divine. Cassandra's personal favorites are the La Pooch Vitamin-Enriched shampoo and the summer special, 'Pooch Dete'.

For dogs with skin conditions, we have a variety of choices, the most popular being the Espaņa Silk medicated shampoo, and the aromatic therapeutic shampoo by Arava Dead Sea Pet Spa. These are our go-to choices for our hand-stripped dogs as well. Hand stripped dog, if bathed at all,should always be bathed in a medicated/anti-bacterial shampoo in support of protecting the open pores from harmful bacteria.

Another popular option for pets with skin problems, or pets who would just love that extra bit of pampering, are our mud baths. Itchy feet? Try a custom blended fizzy foot soak with therapeutic essential oils and soothing crystals.