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Naflah is the dainty and magical being who has been with me almost as long as I have been in the Maryland/DC area. She knows all my secrets and has seen me through the good and the bad. In 2001, she gifted me with one of the most important treasures of my life, which changed my life: seven beautiful puppies. Three of these enchanted beings I kept-- Tammuz, Talia and Sultana-- and they are undoubtably the reason I am still here in this area with a business and home and not off doing the ''nomad thing''. They have had amazing influence on my life and have directed me towards holistic living, healing and philosophy. And special Naflah is the Queen Mother of them all... quiet and observant, the master of all of those teachings...

Naflah has served the greater community by visiting with the elderly in a senior center; participating in a Healing Touch workshop as a healer; performed on stage at the Kennedy Center in the Silk Road Dance Company's production of Egypta; and most importantly, in the everyday, passing along her teachings about life and the true value of things, to almost everyone she meets.

Her essence is that of quiet and humble teaching, healing and listening through stillness, and that of magic. She is Enchantment.